Play with "What A Cult", the trivia game to challenge your "cult" knowledge about books, movies and famous people, alone or with friends!

  • More than 1000 quiz, images and quotes will lead you to solve the challenge and find out the hidden words.
  • What A Cult has now three versions: available on the Google Play Shop, for FREE, "What A Cult Movies", "What A Cult Books" and "What A Cult People".
  • Share your #wacscore and challenge your friends!
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Requirements: Requires Android 2.1 (Eclair) or later. WiFi or 3G network connection sometimes required.

How to play


WAC can be played choosing among three categories and three different languages. You can easily select your choices (one language / one or many categories) in the “Options” section of WAC App.


  • BOOKS: Challenge yourself in finding out book titles in the chosen language. You’ll find every different kind of book herein: novels (mostly), theater pieces, tragedies and so on.
  • MOVIES: Mainly Hollywood, we know, but we couldn’t help it. Nevertheless, we also inserted many well-known non-American movies.
  • PEOPLE: Guess the name of the famous person hinted in the Challenge. He or she can be famous for any reason. They could have discovered penicillin or married a multi-millionaire but still they are a very popular CULT of our world.


  • ENGLISH: probably the most used language on the Internet.
  • ITALIAN: As we are Italian, it was pretty easy for us to translate any Challenge to our own language.
  • SPANISH: Over 300 million of Spanish talkers deserve to play in their own language.

Please note: how accurate are our Challenges? We designed our Challenges through a thoughtful research, ran with any means at our disposal. But, of course, nobody knows it all. So please, if you have any doubts or you think there may be any mistake or you wanna suggest any changes, do it by sending an email at