Play with "What A Cult", the trivia game to challenge your "cult" knowledge about books, movies and famous people, alone or with friends!

  • More than 1000 quiz, images and quotes will lead you to solve the challenge and find out the hidden words.
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Requirements: Requires Android 2.1 (Eclair) or later. WiFi or 3G network connection sometimes required.


Human society has been supporting the concept of “myth” or “cult” since ever.
But who or what is a Cult? In our vision a cult is “anyone or anything” that’s been able to leave a sign in the society, making a doesn’t-matter-how-small step towards what the world today is. That’s why we consider a cult both the thought of a philosopher from ancient Greece and the tattoo of a singer produced by an English Major; and that’s why we are not afraid to mix the beginning of a Russian novel from the 1800s and a funny quote of a Hollywood comedy. They are all part of the world cultural heritage, so it’s important to know them and put them in their own context.
What the world is gonna be tomorrow is our due to make, so we gotta know the starting point to be able to decide where to go: WAC is a funny, challenging way to help us build the associations between the thought and its author, and while playing it you’ll be putting every piece of our cultural heritage in its own place.
Having fun while learning is good, having fun together is better: that’s why WAC allows you to share things with friends and relatives, challenging them on who get the highest score in finding out cults, sharing findings and recognizing patterns.
Remember: by sharing culture you get it to grow and you get to be a part of the cult yourself.